Kunming Kai Wah Plaza is a large-scale building complex incorporating the first-ever 5-star international business and tourist hotel in Yunnan, a high end office building, and a big shopping mall. Said complex was authorised for construction with joint venture in 1993 by the National Planning Commission, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, and General Tourism Bureau. The project occupies an area of 25 mu with total floor space of 115 thousand square metres.

  Kai Wah Plaza is situated in the bustling business district of South Beijing Road, within 40 minutes by car from Kunming Airport, and nearby Kunming Train Station; transportation is very convenient. The whole complex is an aesthetical mixture of buildings of various heights; the buildings are majestic, luxuriously and elegantly decorated and well-equipped. Among which, Tower A - i.e. Kai Wah Plaza Hotel, has a building height of 150 metres with 3 floors in the basement. The basements has a total floor space of 25,000 sqm, comprising a large unloading platform, underground parking that accommodates 200 small vehicles, as well as various storerooms, equipments and facilities, and offices, providing strong logistical support for the operation of the hotel. Furthermore, the building is equipped with big firefighting water tanks, independent fuel gas, general gauge room, two-way power distribution station (total 10,000 kVA), own imported generator unit, as well as air conditioner (3,000 refrigeration tons), water pumps and large-scale laundry equipments etc. The building has 3 equipment floors and 37 floors for guestrooms. There are a total of 554 guestrooms of various types; among which, there’re 135 suites, accounting for 24.3% of the total. The Presidential Suite, which was decorated according to western standards, features 8 natural spaces and comprises the salon, office, study, dining room, main bedroom, madame’s bedroom, main bathroom, madame’s bathroom, guest bathroom, sauna room, kitchen, bar and two independent wardrobes. There’re also 3 Imperial Suites each consisting of 4 natural spaces. The TV in each of the guestrooms of the hotel provides over 28 channels including satellite TV channels, cable TV channels and independent channel of the hotel. International long distance call, voice message and other features are available for all the telephones. Each bathroom is divided into 3 sections, namely the sink, bath and lavatory. An independent shower system has also been provided as an alternative. There’re five Executive Floors in the hotel, with an international-standard Business Lounge that provides member-only services, check-in/check-out services, as well as food and beverage, ensuring good foundations for the hotel’s business sector-oriented development in the future.

  The hotel is equipped with the most advanced mechanical/electrical equipments and guest facilities, such as OTIS elevators and escalators from the US, Trane air conditioners from the US, Kewanee diesel boilers from the US, Kohler lavatory equipments from the US, Grohe hardware for lavatory equipments from Germany, Cummins generators from the UK, ABB high and low-voltage power distribution system from the Switzerland, Frundfos and SPP water pumps from Denmark and the UK, Alfa Laval plate exchangers from Sweden, Nittan fire safety alarm system from Japan, Johnson building automated control system from the US, AT&T integrated cabling system from the US, Bell-Philips security surveillance system from the US, Atlanta television system modulation unit from the US, TOA broadcasting system from Japan, as well as Nortel PBX from Canada, internal beeper system, imported computers, imported laundry equipments and imported kitchen equipments etc.

  The imaginative and modern canopy of steel structure and glass, designed by a British designer, greatly expands the visual space and functional area of the lobby, creating the biggest hotel lobby in the hotel industry of Kunming. Being able to provide first-class check-in, consultancy, business, spending, exhibition, ceremony and international meeting services to the guests is the defining characteristic of Kai Wah Plaza as a landmark building; this is also rare in the history of civil construction in the province. Apart from underground parking, the hotel also boasts a ground-level parking lot that accommodates over 80 medium-to-big vehicles. A heliport is available on the top floor, meeting with international firefighting standards for super high-rise buildings. The kitchens are equipped with advanced hood washer system, with grade 2 air purification and grade 3 oil filter facilities; therefore compliant with national environmental protection requirements. Dual-way commercial power supply plus generator units in backup ensure operational smoothness of the hotel at all times.

  The low-voltage system designed according to international trend ensures that the hotel building reaches a high level of smartness. The advanced building automated control system has configured 1,972 sampling points in the whole building, in order to collect and analyse real-time operation data of main mechanical and electrical equipments, and make them available for display on the central monitor. So that the overall operation monitoring capabilities have been greatly enhanced, ensuring that most malfunctions are prevented before occurring. The PBX exchange system of the hotel connects with the municipal telecom bureau through optic fibre; so that 150 pairs of intermediate lines and 1,500 pairs of end user telephone lines can be provided for the hotel. Also, the internal beeper system established at the same time provides for cabled and cable-less communication in all areas of the hotel. (incl. the basement) Digital mobile phone base stations have been set up in the basement and in the higher floor area of the hotel, eliminating all blind spots for mobile communication in all areas of the hotel. Data cable access has been configured in each room, so that the in-house guest can access the Internet from the room, engage in global business negotiations, browse various data of the company, check history log of all the activities of the guest himself, or transfer various data and images globally without having to leave the room. The IC card provided by the hotel can not only opens the door of the guestroom but can also be used to identify the guest’s floor, so that the elevator will automatically go to the correct floor at night.

  Apart from the thousand-guest ballroom, the hotel is also equipped with various food and beverage locations with special features. In the hotel lobby on the 2ndfloor there’s the standard Lobby Bar. On the 3rdfloor, there’s the international-standard Café that is open 24 hours a day, providing first-class western delicacies and room services to all guests in the hotel. The Chinese Restaurant on the 4thfloor serves the most sophisticated Chinese cuisine. The Pastry on the 6thfloor can provide first-class western and Chinese pastry products to all business venues of the hotel. For the Function Room on the 7thfloor, a specialised kitchen has also been built to provide for the food and beverage needs of the guests who attend various meetings and conferences.

  Based on standards of international clubs, the hotel features a Fitness Centre and an Entertainment Club, with big bathing pools and sauna/spa services available to the guests. Also, there’re entertainment facilities such as American country-style night club and KTV. On the top floor of Tower C, there’s a swimming pool with see-through glass roof, so that while swimming and relaxing at the pool, guests can also take a hearty sunbath under the sun. Nearby the pool, there is also the first-ever squash court in the whole province for guests to showcase their skill.

  The garden and landscape of KWP has been designed by the renowned Hong Kong Zhi Bang Company. Its design idea is based on overall landscape concept, and truly integrates and represents modern lining characteristics of the structure, on the basis of geometry. In hardware design, an effort was made to achieve simplicity, delicacy and elegance of design; in the software aspect, the focus has been placed on the planting of diverse greenery. Overall, the structural design is internationalised and high-quality, providing for a most modern concept for the whole project. As the project progressed, said design concept gradually took shape: with gingko from Chengdu, jasmine from Hunan, as well as countless exotic flowers and plants from Kunming, the City of Flowers, KWP has been decorated with a plethora of blossoms for the welcoming of guests from around the world.

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